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Last revised: 15.10.2021

INTRODUCTION (read carefully)

Welcome! Protecting your privacy is of the highest priority to us. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and ensure that you understand it. 

This Privacy Policy applies between you (“the user”) and the website owner, New Media (hereinafter usually referred to as (but not limited to) the "Website" or “Membership/Service Provider”, “us”, “we”). Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information that may be submitted by you or collected by us anytime you interact with, e.g. visit (and sub-domains), access a product/service delivered via the internet (e.g. Music, Books, Membership, Coaching, Consulting). This also includes information we receive about you from third parties, or information that is collected in an automatic fashion (e.g. cookies). Personal information can be defined as information that can identify you or is easily linked to you.


Please carefully review our practices e.g. the nature of the information collected, how it is used, what for, to whom it is disclosed and how to most effectively safeguard your personal information. You must read and accept this Privacy Policy if you would like to sign up for our service, use our website/materials or buy a product. 


If you don’t agree to this Policy, you must immediately stop using this website and any service offered by us (if bound by this Policy).


We assume that as you are providing personal information/personally identifiable information to us via. our website or service, you consent to the collection, transferring, and processing locally and globally (within nations and across all nations and territories) of your data. In this policy, we also draw on information we collect that might not be considered ‘personal information’, we retain the right to handle this as personal information - whenever and at our sole discretion. Examples of such information are information/data we collect that does not identify you entirely or directly. There is more detail about automatically collected personal information in the ‘WHAT DATA IS COLLECTED & HOW IS IT USED’ SECTION and other sections such as the ‘COOKIES AND OTHER TECHNOLOGY’ SECTION.


Please be sure to read this Privacy Policy carefully before using, any sub-domains or service offered. By using this service (including but not limited to: creating a membership account or using this website), it is assumed/you signify that you have read, understood, and consented to this Policy. 

This Privacy Policy only governs the actions of the service provider and Users in terms of this website and linked services offered. It does not apply to other websites/third-party links that can be accessed via. this website and/or service. The enforceable language of this Privacy Policy is English, regardless of any translations you may attempt or find online.



Our Website and Services are operated and owned by New/Felix New Media. 

Our office is registered to the following address: 


Felix New Media - Kemp House, 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX

You can contact us here:



Personal information is collected as it allows us to provide a better service to you by optimising our service. Personal information is also crucial to some parts of delivering the service you receive. 


Personal information also allows us to let you know about new products, services, and announcements that we believe you wouldn’t want to miss. You don’t need to provide us with your personal information;  it is your free choice to sign up for products or services that require this information. If you don’t want to provide your personal information, you may not use our services that require it. Please see read this Policy carefully to understand how you can control what happens with the data you submit to us. 


When purchasing a product or service, or signing up for a newsletter or free membership, you may be asked to provide information including but not limited to: your name, address, date of birth, credit/debit card information (number, expiration date, billing address, shipping address). By doing so, as per our Terms of Conditions, you warrant that you are legally allowed to use any information you provide to us, including credit/debit cards, PayPal accounts, or other payment methods you supply. You also warrant that this information is up-to-date and correct. If any of your information changes, you will let us know as soon as possible so that we can keep your data up-to-date.


As per our Terms of Conditions, we may verify all and any details provided to us and retain the right to cancel any order(s)/purchases/account(s) at any time at our sole discretion. 


To complete payment, we might use third parties, e.g. PayPal, Stripe. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to us sharing your payment information with third parties. 



In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, New media is to be considered as the data controller.  

Following the GDPR, we conduct the following practices;  we only use your data to deliver our service, we also only use your data if you have consented to the use of your personal information for specific use/purposes (e.g. by accepting the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions), or because the action we undertake is of reasonable and legitimate use for the operation and growth of our business. 


We may collect personal information and data from you via. online automatic or voluntary disclosure features (as necessary for delivering our service or newsletter registration). We may also collect personal information from you via. calls with or without video. We may collect information provided to us by a third-party. 


In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988, we store all of your personal data securely. 


The type of information collected and securely stored, will be dependent on the nature of the interaction, but may include and is not limited to: name, gender, date of birth, mailing address, job title, profession, email address, IP address, demographic information, phone/mobile number, contact preferences, information about your financial situation or lifestyle, information about personal interests and preferences, all necessary payment information; bank & card details, operating system, web browser, ‘ your customer journey’ (i.e. what website you came from, your activity on our website, and where you left/where you left to), PayPal email address.


Information about customer activity may be collected to effectively determine which parts of our service is most useful for users. Data could be used for market research, by using this website and services, users agree to be part of any potential market research to help Felix New improve his offering. Including the use of Google Analytics service and Facebook Pixels (or analytical tools and tracking tools provided by third-parties not mentioned here). 


We will also store and collect information disclosed to us when you (or someone using your account) contacts us or someone refers a user to us – regardless of the nature of the query. This often includes but is not limited to: your contact information, name, email address, the contents of your email(s) sent to us. If someone has referred you to us and provided personal information on your behalf, please familiarise yourself with this POLICY, our TERMS AND CONDITIONS and any options you have to control the use of and access to your data. This AGREEMENT is between you and us, not the third-party (unless you are a guardian or parent of someone using our service who is below the age of 16 but above 13 – in this case, you as the ADULT will need to sign up and be responsible for all activity on the account). 


We may also use some or all the data you provide to (but not limited to): maximize the quality of the service/user experience we provide to you, improve our products and services, personalise emails and promotional content. 


Your email address (which you have provided to the membership provider when creating your FREE or PAYING USER account or signing up to our Newsletter), may be used to send you updates in regards to the delivery of the service, service updates, important legal updates/notices, the Felix New Newsletter (by signing up to the FREE or PAYING USER Membership you consent to be placed on the Felix New Newsletter), marketing activities, promotional/sales content, and third-party offers or services. In some cases, we may also share your e-mail with third parties (e.g. delivery companies to send your order/or third-party products). 

You can unsubscribe from non-essential emails (newsletter and marketing) by sending an e-mail to Unsubscribing may impact the quality of the service you receive, and you may miss out on important update notices or exclusive deals.


Your data may be used in the following ways and for the following purposes (but not limited to): 


USAGE: Collection, storing, using, keeping records of, adding together of information. 


PURPOSES: Including but not limited to: ANY and All purposes you have consented to; to market, to advertise, to use for commercial purposes, to use for service delivery purposes (e.g. payments), to contact you, to enter into contract with you, to safe-guard our rights, to safe-guard our business and the rights of third-parties, to safe-guard your data and rights, to identify you and communicating with you (such communicating may include exclusive offers), to notify you about new releases (e.g. music, books, products), personalised marketing (i.e. drawing on your personal data), to notify you of material amendments to our service, terms or policies, informing you of third-party offerings we deem as valuable to you, to conduct our analytics/research of your use/general use of our service or general investigative purposes, to ensure this Policy is adhered to by all parties, To ensure our Terms and Conditions are adhered to by all parties, to process customer support tickets, to process and resolve issues/disputes, to ensure we are adhering to legal requirements and new legislation, to personalise your experience and ability to use this service, to personalise our communication with you on all channel, to manage your account, to create your account, to cancel you account, to update your account information, to give you access to our website or services, to give you access to your account, to manage your access to our website and services (including your membership account),  to deliver any parts of the service linked to the nature of the data and personal information you have provided to us. Note: As per EU legislation, you will always have to option to opt-out of receiving marketing/promotional materials. 


Please be aware that any comments you leave on this website and services are public. It is your responsibility to safeguard your personal identity in terms of New Media will never share certain private aspects of your personal information publicly (e.g. address, phone number, bank details), apart from with law enforcement agencies, if necessary. 


As per our Terms and Conditions, we may use any user-generated content for commercial or promotional activity (including but not limited to: your name, gender, picture, location, profession, job-title). If you are unsure about any of this, please read the Terms and Conditions on our website or contact:


3.1 How long do we keep your data?

Personal data that you submit to us is not stored for periods exceeding a reasonably expected duration of use with respect to ‘the reasons’ for collecting it in the first place.


The data we keep, is generally kept in accordance with the following guidelines: 


1. If you have purchased a product or service, we will keep the information necessary to deliver your purchase for 6 years after the delivery is complete.

2. Personal information relating to your access to our website or MEMBERSHIP Area will be kept as long as your account is open and the applicable part of our service is up and running. 

3. Personal data we use for communication purposes will be stored as long as you have: an active account, previously made a purchase, downloaded a free resource, signed up to the newsletter (and not opted-out). We may keep your information even if you are no longer part of any service we offer – until you ask us to delete this information (Terms and exemptions under this Policy and Terms and Conditions apply). 

4. Personal information used to advertise and market to you will be kept on our system until you ask us to delete it or we decide to delete it at our sole discretion. (please see our Terms and Conditions, we are not responsible for keeping copies/backups of any of your information or content. It is entirely your responsibility).



By using Allis1coaching, you agree to the use of cookies and other technology. 

Cookies allow us to understand HOW and WHEN you use the service and website.

 Including but not limited to: How often you visit our service/website, your activity while using the service/website (including over a period of time). This means we collect information about you and the device you are using to navigate and access the service/website we provide. This makes it possible for us to identify your device (including computer) or browser. Information such as IP, browser type, ISP, date and time you visited the website might be recorded. 


The cookies used on this website are in compliance with EU & UK laws on cookies such as: Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendment) Regulations 2011. 


In accordance with GDPR EU Law users must be asked to accept cookies. By accepting, you consent to our use of cookies. We provide a pop-up or a CLEAR message signalling our use of cookies. If you don't want cookies to be used, please disable them in your browser. (Contact us if you need assistance with this: If you disable cookies, features and functionalities of the website may not work fully or as intended. 


You can choose to delete any existing cookies at any time, although this may impact the use of the service and personal settings. You are solely responsible for all deleting and loss of data resulting from this. 


There are different types of cookies we may use with different functions. 


We use cookies to store login details on your browser for your quick access to the service, shopping cart/payment detail related cookies. We use cookies to track how you’re using the service. How many users are using the service and if users are gaining access to the information we deem as most beneficial to our users. This will allow us to improve our service to maximise your experience and value gained form the service. We use cookies to allow us to provide a personalise service to you. We use cookies to track behaviour on our service or links clicked by you so that we can provide more suitable advertising and more efficient service delivery. We may also share this information with third parties as required and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 


We may also collect .log files, pixel tags (e.g Facebook pixel), and information about any mobile devices you use to access this services including but not limited to: operating system, model/make, unique identifiers/advertising IDs (and of course, in further information found in our ‘what data do we collect’ section in this policy). 


Please also be aware that the videos found via this service and within the MEMBERSHIP AREA are linked to or hosted on YouTube or a VIMEO. These services may be part of Google Ad-sense. Consult Google Ad-sense, Vimeo, and YouTube (and any other third-party linked to this service) Privacy Policy to find about their policies and practices. 


If you prefer for cookies not to be used, you can simply disable them in your web browser (if you are unsure how to, then a simple Google search should do the trick 😊or we are happy to assist you too). Want to know more about cookies? Visit:


Please note that we may also use tracking pixels (usually .log files) to analyse the success of marketing campaigns and newsletters. With the tracking pixel, we may see which emails and users have opened or not opened our emails. We may also be able to see the actions taken and links clicked from the given emails. We use this analysis to improve our service and send you more suitable material. This data will not be shared with third-parties, only for internal processing within Felix New Media. You may revoke your consent of such tracking by withdrawing (unsubscribing) from our Newsletter or marketing e-mails. We will aim to delete any existing such data we hold on you (fulfilling your ‘right to be forgotten’, but cannot guarantee that all such data will be removed (e.g. if used in internal reports already). 



This service is designed for adults (above 18 years old). Those above 13 may use this service if a parent or legal guardian is involved - however, we do not knowingly store information of users under the age of 16. We will never store information for those under the age of 16. If you believe or know a child under the age of 16 has submitted any personal information to us, please contact us and we will delete this information and any associated accounts as soon as possible. If you are a guardian or parent of someone using our service who is below the age of 16 but above 13 – in this case, you as the ADULT will need to sign up and be responsible for all activity on the account. 




FREE ACCOUNT – When you register for a FREE account, you enter into an AGREEMENT, found under the Terms of Use/Terms & Conditions and POLICY pages of this website. Not all parts of this AGREEMENT and POLICY may apply to you as a FREE user (i.e. those relating to paying members). However, if you decide to upgrade to a PAYING MEMBERS ACCOUNT, you will be bound by the full AGREEMENT unless your jurisdiction excepts you from specific terms. 

When registering for a FREE account, you submit personal information to us. This includes your name, e-mail address and any and all information outlined in this Policy, and Terms and Conditions. You will also set a password and username. We may contact you via the e-mail you provided to: Including but not limited to; discuss our services, send service updates, discuss your account, send our newsletters, send offers, new products or third party offers/products. 


PAYING MEMBER ACCOUNT - When you register for a PAYING MEMBERS account, you enter into an AGREEMENT, found under the Terms of Use/Terms & Conditions and POLICY pages of this website. ALL parts of this AGREEMENT and this POLICY will apply to you as a PAYING USER. However, if you decide to downgrade, you will be bound by the AGREEMENT akin to a FREE USER, although all previous actions and payments are still bound by the full AGREEMENT. An exemption applies for certain terms if your jurisdiction exempts you from specific terms. 

When registering for a PAYING MEMBERS account you submit personal information to us. This includes your name, e-mail address, payment details and any and all information outlined in this Policy and Terms of Use. You will also set a password and username. We may contact you via the e-mail you provided to: Including but not limited to; discuss our services, send service updates, discuss your account, discuss payments, send our newsletters, send offers, new products or third party offers/products. 



It is your responsibility to keep your MEMBERSHIP password and all other passwords associated with this website and service - secure and confidential at all times. You are responsible for all activity occurring on your account. As per our Terms and Conditions, you agree to notify us (or law enforcement where necessary) of any suspicious activity on your account ASAP.


8. WHEN IS DATA DISCLOSED? takes data protection very seriously. 

Your data will never be sold or rented to other parties unless otherwise disclosed to you. In any of such cases, you will be given the opportunity to opt-out and prevent your personal information from being disclosed to such other parties. 

Personal information may be used to deliver services to you (sometimes with the help of third parties – please see ‘THIRD PARTIES’ section). Internal records are also kept up-to-date with the personal information you have provided. 


We send emails and newsletters that will, from time to time, include third party services or products that we think are of value to the or community. You always have the right to opt-out of such emails. Please contact The interest in such offers and services (e.g newsletters, emails etc.) is analysed on an individual or numerical/collective basis.

Please see the third parties section below for further disclosure of your data. 



Unless required by law, or any exceptions that apply as per this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, we will not disclose your data with third parties, apart from our employees, affiliates, service providers, or closely linked parties (or anyone outlined in this section and Policy). 


We may, however, share your data with third parties for these reasons: 

We may choose to, or it may be necessary for us to hire third parties to implement changes to our website and services (e.g. to improve usability/designs). This will always be conducted within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998 and this Privacy Policy. These third parties will have access to some parts of user data. These parties will only use such data as required to perform the necessary tasks/changes to our website/services. They will NOT be allowed to use user data for ANYTHING else. Even if we enter into a confidentiality agreement with third parties, we can, however, never guarantee that third parties will up-hold confidently. You submit your data at your own risk. 


Other third parties we may share your data with to deliver and improve our service (and reach new potential customers): vendors, consultants, sub-contractors, employees of Felix New media, related companies and their employees, partners, law enforcement related parties (to enforce this Policy or safe-guard us, our users, you), marketing and advertising, people interested to buy and or invest in our business, people necessary to assist in the expansion or reduction of the business. This will always be conducted within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998 and this Privacy Policy. We sometimes link to other services or websites. As per our Terms and Conditions, we have no involvement or control over these websites and services and you are using them at your own risk. Please check the Terms and Privacy Policy of such websites and services. This Policy does not apply to your (knowing or unknowing) use of third party services. 


Third parties we use for advertising and tracking purposes (e.g. social media companies), may collect data about you, your devices (including but not limited to mobile, browser and computer) for commercial usage (e.g. tailoring advertising for you). This can be but is not limited to: cookies (explained in more detail in the ‘COOKIES & OTHER TECHNOLOGY’ section of this Policy), social media plug-in tools or other measures. Such third parties may track your behaviour and usage of our website/services over time and add it to any existing data they hold about you (which they may continue to update), which tracks your use of their site/services and other sites/services you use.  Please see the options you have to restrict the use of your data in the ‘DATA USAGE CHOICES’ section. 

Third parties may also collect information about you and your device (including but not limited to mobile, browser and computer). These are usually providers of services that help us in delivering a better service to you. These services can store, collect and process any and all information that we’ve obtain from you - or collect this information directly. Please see the Privacy Policy of such service providers. We aim to stay out-to-date with their Policies to ensure we work with companies who comply with the GDPR and other laws in place to protect your personal information. 


10. HOW DO WE PROTECT DATA & HOW CAN YOU ACCESS DATA? take all necessary measures to safeguard your personal information. We assure you that any information disclosed or any purchased that can be made on, are secured by secure encryption, provided by or the third-party payment provider (or any other secure third party linked to this website). Data that you submit to us is usually stored until we are asked to delete it or it is deemed as no longer applicable by us at our sole discretion or applicable laws (please see our Terms of Use, we are not responsible for keeping copies of any of your information or content. This is entirely your responsibility). In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988, we store all of your personal data securely.



You have the right to access and update your personal information at all times. You can always request a copy of your personal data. We may charge you a small fee for this (below £19). Usually, a fee applies if the request is ‘excessive’ as outlined in the GDPR regulations. Please also note that not all parts of your data are kept in ways that allow for changes or immediate access. We will evaluate and aim to satisfy your request, although we can make no promises that you will be satisfied with our delivery. We may also ask you for further information to ensure it is you making the request. We also retain the right to reject unlawful or disruptive requests. In some cases, data that you would like to change or withdraw may already be in use or shared with third-parties, if reasonable, we will deal with your request but we cannot reverse any actions made before your request. The request can take us up to 2 months if we can supply you with a solution (usually much quicker). We will keep you update with the progress or inability to fulfil your request. 


Please also be aware that although tries to take all necessary measures to protect you with a secure connection and practises, the internet is never an entirely safe place for your personal information. You submit all personal and non-personal information at your own risk. Please do not send sensitive information (credit card details etc.) via the contact form or email as others could potentially access these. 


The website and Membership provider strive to protect the security and integrity of sensitive personal information provided through this website, due to the inherent nature of the internet as an open global communications vehicle, we cannot guarantee 100% that information during transmission through the internet or while stored in our system or otherwise in our care, will be safe from intrusion by others. We will not be liable for mistakes by or unauthorized access gained by third parties. If we believe that you have been the victim of such mistake or unauthorized contact, we will contact you via. the personal information you have provided. By using this website and allis1coaching/ services, you agree to these terms. In the event of data breaches, we will report this to authorities within 72 hours.


Please note that you transmit personal information at your own risk. New Media are not responsible for any breaches of security or privacy settings, including but not limited to activities of hacking or any other criminal offences. 



Under the GDPR, European residents (and California residents for some companies under the CCPA – currently not us), have the right to access personal information we hold and can ask for it to be updated, changed or deleted. We also extend this right to all users who use our service, although our service is primarily designed for users from the UNITED KINGDOM. Please be aware that your personal information may be transferred and stored outside of the United Kingdom, Europe, outside the EEA – the European Economic Area (so-called ‘third countries’), and US to fulfil our services. 

As outlined in our section on THIRD PARTIES, we may share your personal information with third parties. When we work with so-called ‘third countries’, we aim to ensure that your data is protected to a similar level as under the GDPR/as in the UK, by introducing measures such as additional contracts with such third parties. 



You have a range of choices to determine the usage of your data:

You can opt-in or out of the newsletter. You can opt-out of promotional emails. Usually, there should be an unsubscribe function in the footer section of such emails. Usually, cancelling can take up to 12 business days. Opting out of these emails means you will continue to receive service-related emails. You may still receive promotional material and newsletters even after unsubscribing as it can take some time for our systems to update and remove you from the list.  

You can disable cookies and other technologies in your browser, although we do not make any promises regarding the effectiveness of such measures. 

Any other use of your data will occur in relation to the sections found in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use/Terms and Conditions. 



The ‘do not track’ feature is available on some browsers. This requests websites not to track your activity using a certain site. Our website and service currently do not respond to such browser requests and signals. 



If any part of this POLICY (or any provision) is not enforceable under your jurisdiction or any law, this shall NOT invalid the AGREEMENT as a whole. All other parts/provisions remain fully applicable. 


15. ASSIGNMENT and Felix New Media can choose to subcontract, assign, or transfer their rights and obligations detailed in this PRIVACY POLICY at any time without notifying you or gaining approval from you. You may NOT choose to subcontract, assign or transfer your rights and obligations detailed in this PRIVACY POLICY.



This PRIVACY POLICY (& all non-contractual obligations linked to it) is governed by the law of England and Wales whose Courts are attributed exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes.



Allis1coaching/Felix New Media, can grow their business or decide to minimise or close the business. This can involve registering a new business or a merger (including but not limited to using a different trading name). Any user data that is applicable and necessary for the delivery of any business originating from the current or former business of New/Felix New Media, will be transferred – as it is considered an asset of the business. The owner (if new or the same) shall be the “data controller” unless agreed otherwise by New/Felix New Media who shall have the right to decide.  In any new business, User data must be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the most up-to-date terms. Data may be shared with third-parties interested in investing/buying our business; however we will protect your identity in accordance with this Privacy Policy and GDPR legislation. 



Allis1coaching/Felix New/Felix New Media may change this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason. Often this is to provide a better service to you or a requirement by law. By using the website and services provided, you accept the terms of the current Privacy and future revisions/changes. Please check this policy when using the website/service. We will update the ‘last revised’ date as necessary by material changes. 



You can contact with questions relating to this Policy at . 

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