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1:1 COACHING with Felix New

Do you want to develop a healthier response to the emotions that keep you stuck? Do you feel lost on your path of working on yourself? 

...If so,here's how I may be able to help you.


I have been working with people on their personal development and well-BEING since 2016. 

2019 I published a book on Happiness which reflected on my own struggles with emotions and what I did to find balance and well-BEING.


2020 was a big year professionally - I qualified as a Jaw Yoga Instructor from the Jaw Yoga Academy run by Kieferfreund Founder Julia Burits and her husband Reinhard Burits (Mind Coach & former professional football player). 

In 2020, I was also selected among 20 'Rising Stars' by Insight Timer a very popular meditation app with 19 million users.

In 2021 I designed a course together with Julia Burits on healing the emotions behind 'Jaw Stress'. We had over 1000 people join us in the first week and it's been amazing to see what results people have achieved by simply facing the emotions that contributed to their jaw dysfunction in the first place.


The coaching I offer allows you to focus on any area of your life where you feel you need guidance. I love working with people who have jaw issues, but equally love to support my brothers and sisters in other areas as well! 

Benefits of sessions: 

⦾ increase your self-awareness ⦾ reduce stress levels ⦾ learn to express yourself more fully

⦾ be more in the here and now ⦾ process 'stuck' emotions ⦾ letting go of resistance

⦾ flow with life more ⦾ become more playful again ⦾ wake up your inner smile 


What techniques do I use? I use a unique 'blend' of Mindfulness, M.I.T (mental integration training), Transformational Coaching, Guided Meditation & my intuition - to tailor an approach for you individually.     

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Initial 30-minute Free Call

In the call you will have the opportunity to share what's going on for you & experience a personal guided session with Felix. I will let you know if you're a good fit to be accepted for the program.  Please note that having a call with me is part of your application to work with me and does not mean you will be accepted on a program. 


You will have sessions together with me to get to work on releasing any stuck emotions and tap into well-BEING. In combination I recommend to be doing work by yourself outside the sessions to create the best results. It's really designed to be a transformative deep dive to change the direction of your life.   

You can contact me via button below.

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What People Say About My Work 

If we end up working together or not - here's a reflective video I recorded for you  :) 
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