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Awards & Qualification


Guided Meditation Framework

Currently training in the Guided Meditation Framework by Heather Hayward. Which is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program. I took this course to take my work and meditations to the next level. 


Award: Insight Timer 

The world's most popular meditation app (19 million users) 'Insight Timer' selected me in their top 20 Rising Stars of 2020! I am pretty hyped and grateful for that! 


Jaw Yoga Academy

I completed the training to become a Jaw Yoga Instructor as I realise the immense importance the jaw has for our physical and emotional wellbeing.


University of Oxford


University of Southampton

I have actively worked with the University of Oxford in student and disability support. I'm a people person, that's for sure.

I completed a Sociology Degree with a 1st and was mentioned on the Deans List whatever that means... I also completed a 10-week Peer Support training cos I love supporting people yo! 

with all that out the way... I am sharing this for your mind to be at ease and find it easier to trust working with a random person you found online... It's easier if we can have a picture in our mind of who we are committing to working with... I know to your soul this is irrelevant as all that matters is how well we connect and are able to be authentic with each other... but still... I get it! 

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