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A warm welcome to you :) 


Helping you tune into well-BEING and Wholeness

- what does that mean?


Maybe you started your healing journey by being attracted to ‘powerful’ techniques. Things like positive thinking or affirmations. They do make a difference. No doubt about it.  They make people feel more empowered.

When I discovered these things after a very rough time in my life... I felt so empowered I wrote a book on Happiness to share what I found hah!

What I see today in my own life... the work with my clients.... what other coaches and meditation teachers tell me  - and for the 1000s of people listening to my meditations every day – it’s more about being with what is here (aka Wholeness) that creates well-BEING. It’s less about the pushing away or pushing in – often that’s counter-productive.

What I do in my work, is creating a safe environment for you to be with what is there for you. All of it. When we explore and meet what is there without the need to change it, that is when real transformation happens by itself.  It’s so simple…. But can be uncomfortable.  That’s why I’m there to guide you.

It’s probably due to Western culture that we all really want to take credit for healing ourselves… and finding the right technique.

Surrendering to this gentle way of being and exploring might feel less like something to be ‘proud’ of… but the chances are you will feel the difference in your level of well-BEING. Being a person other people will be proud to have in their life. More being, less doing. More wholeness. More peace. More joy. More love. More 'You' (or less 'You' - depending on how you look at it haha).  Fall in love with life again. 

 Whether you're experiencing some level of stress and anxiety, or simply want to improve your mental state and life, I'm here to help you close the gap to embodying the best you. I assist you to hear your inner wisdom again when the chatter of the mind and the craziness of your environment (and work!) has clouded your connection to your heart.  I am your inner tour guide in this process.


 Meet Felix New

It was 2012, when my life changed forever. I dropped out of law school due to severe fatigue and a bunch of health issues. Although I resisted the change at first, this marked the start of tuning into my inner wisdom and understanding my mind like I had never done before.


...I don't want to take too much credit for this... It was either going inwards or enduring suffering 24/7. Life always gives us exactly what we need to level up, sometimes it needs to get dark before it can get lighter.

Fastforward to 2021, and I aced a social science degree at University, published a book on happiness, released over 50 guided meditations and 50 songs... became an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space... was selected in the 20 rising stars of 2020 by Insight Timer the Nr.1 meditation app in the world with over 19 million users... and founded ALL IS 1 Coaching where I work with clients all over the world as their Inner Tour Guide!  I run a 30-minute live weekly meditation class 'Wash Away Wednesday' 


I’ve made it my mission to support people to tune into their inner wisdom to unlock new levels of peace and results in their life! Tapping into well-BEING. 

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Marcus Aurelius

Yoga at Home

my approach.

What does my coaching involve and achieve?

My approach is beyond mindfulness. I focus on helping you create change. 


We use self-exploration in a way that directly targets your goals, your struggle, your relationships, your habits, your beliefs. We focus on being with all that is there for you.  


We use meditation to overcome specific issues, not just to feel calmer in everyday life (although many experience that as well!)

I help you achieve lasting outcomes by addressing both conscious and subconscious roadblocks
to change through the integration of coaching and guided meditation. I integrate brief, targeted guided meditations as needed to help demolish roadblocks to change.

From fear to faith.

From confusion to clarity.

From overwhelm to confidence.


From Mess to Wholeness

Let’s Connect


 Kemp House, 152 City Road,  London EC1V 2NX

Contact: info @ 

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